Video: Chad Overman - "If I Go"

I want to introduce you to a friend of mine; Chad Overman.  
Chad and I were in a community group in San Antonio and at first I could only just tolerate Chad.  For at least three reasons: (1) He just so pretty, (2) when he first went to shake my hand I reached out and he quickly turned his into a fist at the last second for a fist bump...this annoyed me for some reason, and (3) Chad has some long fingernails on his strumming hand which still creep me out.  
But Chad's a great guy who has worked through some tough challenges and has gained some valued wisdom.  After I somehow fell into the role of "leader" for that group I really appreciated Chad's insights and questions, especially when I wasn't as prepared as I should have been.  
Also Chad married a great gal, Jamie.
And his dad was once a motivational speaker!!!  
Here's Chad's video for a song off his upcoming album Songs For The Searchers.  Buy it here.

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