Time Comforts

Apparently there are some times of the day that I find really comforting.  Times when all the numbers are the same or when they are in some sort of sequential order just seem better to me.  When I happen to look at a clock and it reads these times I get slightly giddy and all right in the world.
Now if it's a normal time like 1:20 or 12:54 or some other random time that doesn't fit the previously mentioned criteria there's no big.  I can look at the clock and be just fine.  I'm not a freak.
However, if it's 12:33 or 11:10 or 3:44 somethings off.  When the time is just a minute away from one of the comfort times I feel the need to sit and wait until the time changes to a more comforting time.
Please don't think I'm weird.


xx said...
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PETE Di LALLO said...

I get the same cheap thrill when my odometer reads sequentially...

TS Harrison said...

oh yeah...those too..