Road Trip 2010

Garner, North Carolina to Blair, Nebraska 
With several stops along the way.
Tomorrow I hitting the road and going to be brother's wedding in Nebraska.  I know, right?  Nebraska?
Here's the route: do you know of any good stops along the way.
I'll be twittering and twitpic-ing along the way.  Even photos of these tiny gnomes someone put in my car. (http://tweetphoto.com/23650357) Maybe you'll see them at a ball game?


i'm beccy. said...

Um - dinner at the Thompson house? :o)! We would love to see you if you have time to stop in!

Franciscozrodriguez said...

Have a good trip! I will be watching for twit pics!

PETE Di LALLO said...

I'm anxious to read about your exciting vacation/adventure...