Photos: Bookshelves

I have an obsession.  It's bookshelves.  I love libraries and bookstores, and maybe more for the bookshelves with books than the books themselves.  Which isn't to say that I don't like books, but only how much more I like bookshelves, especially bookshelves lined with books.  
And recently that primitive urging within me to create and hunt wholly mammoths as been growing, which I think will manifest itself into useful household furniture.  I can clearly see in my future circular saws and hammers (but not really hammers) and power drills and screws (not nails) and a level and right angles.  I'll have to buy planks of lumber and sandpaper and stainer to stain the wood and paint.  I'll also have to buy a white sleeveless t-shirt and get comfortable wearing my hat backwards.  
But because I have an unhealthy obsession to do nothing that has been done before. or rather something that has not been done before, I'm carrying some scrap pieces of paper around with me sketching out ideas.  In the mean time I'm enjoying pictures of bookshelves online.  
Oh and I'll also have to start carrying pencils around behind my ear only to forget where I put when I need it. 
Oh and I need some shelves in my office.

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PETE Di LALLO said...

That's an outstanding collection of bookshelves you've put together...surely anything close to even one of these will work for you...
for me, you can't beat looking at a wall totally filled with books but on the other hand, the photo with shelves lining stairs going up or down is a great way to store books when you have a small house like we do...
hammer and saw away dude!