Sports: Wild Card Race 2009-08-20

This tends to happen a lot to me.  Once I make some kind of public declaration for my sports team they will begin to lose.

It is for this reason I refuse to bet.  In 1990 I bet a neighborhood friend $5 that the Oakland A’s would sweep the Cincinnati Reds in the World Series.  Not only did the Reds win, but they swept the A’s in four games.  Seriously, Chris Sabo hit two round-trippers in Game 3.  That doesn’t happen to the A’s unless I curse them by betting on them. 

So a couple days ago I had a brief post bragging on my Texas Rangers being one game ahead of the Boston Red Sox for the wild card lead.  The Ranger immediately follow my post with two losses.  They now trail the Nation by a game. 

Hopefully the effect of my curse won’t last for very long and I will continue to display a nonchalant attitude. 


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