Sermons I've Recently Listened To:

Here is a list of sermons that I have recently listened to.

What preachers do you enjoy listening to and do they post their sermons online?

I listen to at least three a day at work, where do you listen to sermons?


Series – Disciple: A Real Follower of Jesus (Sunnybrook Christian Church)

Jim Johnson – one who follows Jesus wherever he goes

Paul Weece – one who reorders his life

Jim Johnson – one who actively listens

Jim Johnson – one who accepts the mission of Jesus

Jim Johnson – one who gives more than lip service

Drew Moss – one who submits to Jesus’ agenda

Jim Johnson – one who is willing to give up whatever

Jim Johnson – one who trust God

Jim Johnson – one who gives foolishly to Jesus

Jim Johnson – one who leads differently by serving sacrificially

Jim Johnson – one who confronts

Jim Johnson – one who renews his vow

Jim Johnson – one who embraces the humiliation

Jim Johnson – one who stays amazed

Jim Johnson – Q & A


Series – The Star, the Cross, and the Crescent (Northpoint Church)

Andy Stanley – Judaism: The Journey Begins

Andy Stanley – The Roots of Islam

Judy Reamer – Judy Reamer: A Life Story

Afshin Ziafat – The Cost to Follow Christ


Series – Galatians (Christ Church of Oronogo)

Mark Moore – Chapter 1

Mark Moore – Chapter 2

Mark Moore – Chapter 3

Adam Scutti – Chapter 4

Adam Scutti – Chapter 5

Mark Moore – Chapter 6


Series – Jonah (Southland Christian Church)

Mike Breaux – Jonah: On The Run

Mike Breaux – Jonah: In Too Deep

Mike Breaux – Jonah: Never Too Late


Series – Stuff Jesus Made Up (True North Church)

Jon McClarnon – Hidden Treasure

Jon McClarnon – Workers in the Vineyard

Jon McClarnon – Friend at Midnight

Jon McClarnon – Prodigal Father

Jon McClarnon – Two Debtors


Series – Jesus Walks… (Traders Point Christian Church)

Mark Moore – Towards the Uncertain

Aaron Brockett – Towards the Uncomfortable

Aaron Brockett – Towards the Unaware


Series – Jesus is… (Boulder Valley Christian Church)

Mark Scott – Jesus is….The Best of the Good News

Mark Scott – Jesus is….The Risk Taker

Mark Scott – Jesus is….Delegator of Ministry

Mark Scott – Jesus is….The Servant


Andy Stanley – How Good is Good Enough (Northpoint Church)

Andy Stanley – Baptism: What’s the Big Deal (Northpoint Church)

Andy Stanley -  Everyone is Invited (Northpoint Church)

Matt Proctor – The Messiah Complex (Grand Avenue Christian Church)

Matt Proctor – God’s Great Power (Taylorville Christian Church)

Dr. Craig Blomberg – 1st Message (Dallas Christian College) 2007-09-18

Dr. Craig Blomberg – 2nd Message (Dallas Christian College) 2007-09-19

Andy Hansen – Message (Dallas Christian College)2007-11-08

Andy Hansen – Message (Dallas Christian College)2006-03-28

Lori Murillo - Message (Dallas Christian College)  2007-01-26

Rocky Hernandez – Message (Dallas Christian College) 2006-08-25

Doug Marks – Message (Dallas Christian College) 2006-01-24

Jeff Snell – Message (Dallas Christian College) 2006-10-24

Jeff Snell – Forming Integrity Under Attack (Lincoln Christian College) 2005-11-15

Jeff Snell – Moving from Knowledge to Wisdom (Lincoln Christian College) 2009-01-21

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