We've All Been There...

Tattoo gone wrong: Stars and gripes forever?

Belgian teen says she requested 3 stars on face — but woke up to find 56


How bad is it of me to see her photo and start laughing?

I laugh because…well we’ve all been there.

 I mean really, who hasn’t fallen asleep at the tattoo parlor while you face is being pricked with a needle only to wake up and find your intended “small” tattoo has been exponentially multiplied.  I know I have.

You see this goes along with my post from yesterday.  Unless some responsible adults begin to see the need for youth being mentored into right decisions this is what could happen.

First it starts with an innocent enough decision to watch High School Musical, and maybe even believe that it was good.  But that only spills into sequels and HSM3’s. 

Next you’re foolishly saying statements like “Twilight is a good movie” or “I love when Lady Gaga comes on the radio”.

And now we can say that this behavior leads to star tattoos all over your face.

This is clear science people.

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