Tebow Returns

He announced today that he is coming back for his senior year.
This is significant because as a two time Heisman finalist (one time winner) and a two time national champ we may be witnessing the greatest college football player ever. Forget how he adapts to the next level. Forget that he has a slow NFL delivery on his passes (because he's not in the NFL). Forget that if he does go to the pros he is likely to be converted into a fullback or tight end. What he does right now, at this level...it's incredible. Few players have ever shown the amount of do-whatever-it-takes-to-win attitude that he has so far in his career.
And to make matters even better, this young man has continually proved himself to be a God-honoring, respectable young man.
You got to root for this guy. Maybe not the Gators, but definitely for him.

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