Got Milk?

So a while ago I started buying Promised Land milk. I did for a couple of reasons.
#1 - It comes in smaller amounts. When I purchase larger amounts of milk I never finish it by the expiration date, and I have accidentally drank spoiled milk one too many times. Therefore I don't even tempt that expiration date. And with these smaller amounts I don't have to as often.
#2 - I really like the glass jars. They make me feel like I live in the 1950s, except that I don't have it delivered to my door by the milkman. Do they even have milkmen anymore?
#3 - Nope. I don't have a third reason. As you may recall I said I started buying Promised Land milk "for a couple of reasons." The word couple typically implies two. Certainly you all know that.

Now, the reason for this post. I can not bring myself to throw away the empty bottles and they have begun to pile up. I'm exactly sure where to take them so they can be recycled. But I also think they look pretty cool and was thinking some kinda art project with them. However I'm stumped as far as ideas.
How about you? Do you have any ideas on what I should do with these?

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racheld said...

So funny...have you ever seen all of the bottles that I save....I am saw a garden party once where they used them as casual vases but that isn't too creative...