NFL Playoffs: Week 1 Predictions

I believe all the road teams are favored this week, something that isn't typical.  But I always believe in at least one upset.  That being said, here are my week 1 predictions:
Indianapolis at San Diego
San Diego has caught fire recently.  Indianapolis is winning despite...well...despite everything.  I don't think they will go very far, but I'm picking San Diego in this matchup.
Baltimore at Miami
Baltimore is playing tough football.  Miami is a pleasant surprise to these playoffs.  But Miami's season should end this weekend.
Philadelphia at Minnesota
This is a tough game to call.  Minnesota is got a great ground game, but without a solid passing game will they be shut down by Philadelphia?  Can Philadelphia put together to consistent good weeks of football.  I always doubt McNabb.  Minnesota runs Peterson to a win.
Atlanta at Arizona
Atlanta is a solid team, both on offense and defense.  And they have a better running game than Arizona.  Arizona despite host their first playoff game in a long time won't have enough in their tank to hold off Atlanta.  But it's hard to cheer against Kurt Warner.

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Seth and Gavin say, "Go Vikings!"