Book Review: Only Nuns Change Habits Overnight

I received this book in the mail this week. And despite it's pink cover I gave it a quick read. That's right...I'm not afraid of a little pink. Just don't think it makes my manly skin tone, so I refuse to wear it on that basis alone.
Okay that's a lie. I really don't like pink. Maybe it's a reaction to childhood memories of Pepto-Bismol.
I digress.
I thought the title was clear so I agreed to read and review this one.
Let's see...how could I review this for you. I hate reviews that try too hard to sell a book. You either trust me and you are in search of a book like this. Or you trust me and you are not in search of a book like this.
Seriously...who wouldn't trust me. I know what's good.
Also a review should tell you everything in the book.
So I need to use words that sell without selling and yet are succinct.
So I'll review this book by saying this:
1. It's good.
2. It's easy to read.
3. It's easy to identify the 52 Amazing Ways to Master the Art of Personal Change she suggest, based on how they formatted the book.
4. It's a quick read.
5. It's a short read...coming in just under 200 pages.
6. It's written primarily for women, but confident men will appreciate it to.
7. It's easy to put into practice.
8. It's got great questions at the end of each chapter.
9. It's entertaining.
10. It's a witty title. (okay I just wanted to have a 10th point)

Seriously if you are looking for some help to make a change in any area of your life go buy this book.

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racheld said...

Nice review. Side note: I am not sure how I have never tried to make you wear pink! I think the only conclusion is that I am an awesome shopping partner! Side note 2: I was thinking you should do your shoe shopping online & let your blog readers vote! I meant that for the 52 to know about you....but I am too lazy to go there...