Retirement: Greg Maddux

Greg Maddux is expected to retire from baseball today.  
After and incredible career of out-thinking and out-preforming hitters for more than two decades Maddux is sure to challenge Tom Seaver's Hall-of-Fame first place votes record.  With a record 18 Gold Gloves and what he did along side Gavine and Smoltz in Atlanta for over a decade, this is the kinda of ball player fathers should point their children towards.  
I read somewhere over the last couple days that Maddux may be the greatest pitcher of his generation (said in light of Roger Clemon's association with the Mitchell Report, which has diminished his reputation and career).  And with the current direction of baseball we just may never see another like him.  
Thanks Greg for all the memories.  And if you think you still want to be involved in the game, would you please come teach the Rangers' rotation how to throw?

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Julie Hibbard said...

Did I ever mention that I MET Greg Maddux? Oh, and that he bought me a drink? Oh yeah.
Just a few months ago! It was fabulous. Such a great experience!