Gender Confusion

So according to the website GenderAnalyzer, my blog has a 95% probability that it was written by a woman.  
I'm not sure what to do with information like this.  I get that these things are searching for keywords and stuff, and I assumed that there was going to be some percentage of woman factor in my blog, maybe in the 35% range.  But 95%?!  Well that's just ridiculous.  
In order to offset this incredibly inaccurate number I am going to spend the rest of the year talking about farts, football, and hot chicks!


Julie Hibbard said...

I am sure that mine would show up as a strong possibility of being written by a man.
I would have to spend the rest of the year writing about shoes, pedicures and shopping. Ugh!!!
I wouldn't worry about it.
PLEASE don't write about farts or hot chicks...please.
I love your blog just the way it is--gender neutral.

i'm beccy. said...

Ha! You are more girly that I am (oh - I mean our blogs.) :o)!