Listen to: Resurrection Letters Vol. II

I am going to continue to promote Andrew Peterson on this blog, so you just better get used to it or go out and purchase every album of his. Including his upcoming release of Resurrection Letters Vol. II.
If you need to give it a listen, because you just don't trust me, then just click HERE...

In case you are wondering why is Vol. II then click HERE and HERE (the second link is a humorous interview of AP (the artist) by AP (the interviewer), along with AP (the author) and a brief visit by AP (the children's artist).
Oh and I still giving away one of these upcoming albums...Currently only one person (way to go Chad) has responded to the contest...
Since the album release is Oct. 21st. I'm going to keep the contest opening until Oct. 14th. (also I'm sure when I actually receive these two copies...)

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