Finished Reading

I really enjoyed this book.
Now it's no secret that I'm a crier. I shed tears during movies, and people's personal stories and the occasional book. But this book, told in three acts, had me sitting in bed just in tears.
Maybe it had to do with the memories from back in the high school years laughing and imitating Chris, or maybe it was the source of Chris' demons that I suddenly felt connected to, I don't know but suddenly I spent my week in a weird funk. Knowing the "end of the story" and rapidly building towards the climax of Chris' death...well I found it a really difficult read...(lacking words).
The book repeatedly suggested that the Chris Farley seen in the sketch entitle The Chris Farley show was who Chris was. I certainly hope so. And that being the case the following clip is especially poignant, particularly Chris' last question about the lyrics from the Abbey Road album.

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