Grocery Results

I thought I'd share the result of my hunting excursion this evening. If there was a way to stuff and mount what I bagged I certainly would, cause that's what we do in Texas. Here are my trophies: grocery

- 1 box of Post Raisin Bran: I choose Raisin Bran because I recently an article online that said having your daily intake of fiber will help you avoid colon cancer. And that is definitely not the cancer I want. So the box of Raisin Bran claims to provide all the fiber I need.

- 2 boxes of Cheez-Its Reduced Fat: I don't like regular Cheez-Its. Only reduced fat. And definitely any of those flavored Cheez-Its. These are a great snack.

- 1 bottle of Promised Land Fat Free milk: I like the glass bottles, but they are not as large as other jugs of milk. I get really nervous that I might happen to drink spoiled milk, it's happened before, and I won't be able to consume milk for months.

- 1 bottle of Simple Orange juice medium pulp: it's 100% juice.

- 1 gallon of HEB (store) brand laundry detergent.

- 2 bags of chips:...and...

- 1 jar of Clint's Texas Salsa (medium): clintspicante.com or salsamonster.com. I like to test other brands of salsa for when I make my own.

- 2 bags of Jolly Time 100% Organic popcorn: my favorite snack.

- 1 bottle of Crisco pure canola oil: it's cholesterol free. It's for the popcorn.

- 1 loaf of HEB brand 100% Whole Wheat multigrain baked bread: this is for pb&j, (which I had plenty of Rachel...the answer to your question)

- 6 fat free Light Strawberry yogurt: ...and...

- 6 99% fat free Blended Strawberry yogurt: these make for a good breakfast.

- 5 Minneolas Tangelos

- 4 Peaches

- 1 bag of baby carrots

- 1 Cantaloupe

- 3 bags of gummy candy

There you go. That should last...what?...3 weeks?...maybe more.

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kris said...

I had no idea you had such shopping prowess. I am totally impressed!