Boom Goes the...Veronica

So recently I purchased the three seasons of Veronica Mars and quickly went through them. Then I went about sharing it's crack cocaine addictiveness with my community of friends. Currently the dvds are making their rounds.
Here is a small clip from season 3 (don't worry no spoilers here)

I show this to you, because at the end of the clip Veronica uses the phrase "Boom goes the dynomite". Maybe you've never heard this phrase before, in which case watch this dreadfully pain-filled youtube classic.

I love so many things about this clip, but just a couple to point out would be these: First: "boom goes the dynomite"...awesome! Second: he refers to Reggie Miller as "the man". And third: The non-reaction by the other news anchors, and his reaction to them.
I was listening to Dan Patrick's radio show yesterday morning on my way to work, when he interviewed this guy, who current does investigating reporting in Waco, TX.
So glad I'm not him, but I do love his catch phrase.

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Alli Hibb said...

Seriously...how good is this show?
I've poisoned Kenya with them...
It's so good!