Birthday Gift

Yesterday The Gang, my community group, gave me an awesome gift for my birthday.
This is a great gift as I stop in there about once a week. Sometimes I roam the thousands of CD’s searching for that rarity album that I must have.
Side Note: Once I found Can You Hear Us Now by David Crowder Band at this CD Exchange. This was back in 2000, I think. I didn’t even know it was out yet. So I quickly purchased the album and began playing all the time. About a month later I’m at a youth leaders convention that DCB was leading worship at, and I caught the boys during a break and asked them to sign my album. The guys began to freak out. What I failed to realize was that the album wasn’t even due for release for at least another month. They asked me where I got it and I told them, “at a CD Exchange in San Antonio”. A couple of the guys shoulders just sank. They had passed the CD out to local Christian bookstores in hopes of getting them to prominently displaying them upon their release. We concluded that some moron at the Family Christian bookstore took the CD and just sold it. David and the boys signed the album, “first copy ever!”. Please don’t ask me what
happened to that album…it makes me cry.

Anyways. This is a large gift from such a cool group, so I thought I should make a public declaration to use this for good and not for evil. I will also try to use it for the better-ment of the group. I’ll most likely get some TV series with it which we can pass amongst each other, and a CD or two depending on what’s left over.

Here are the albums I promise not to purchase: Click HERE.
And here are the TV shows I promise not to purchase: Click HERE.

If you have suggests on what to purchase and what to avoid, PLEASE leave your comments.

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