Hearing Good Advice

Tonight I attended a birthday/tacky prom/surprise party for a woman who is turning 40 within a few days. This lady, Amy (I think was her name), has been heavily involved in Youth Life for quite some time. In fact the party host was the regional director of Young Life here in San Antonio.
Seriously Young Life people are a different breed. I had no clue what tacky was until I saw this crowd attempt it...I'm ready for the next one. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it) I look good no matter what I wear, so trying to dress tacky didn't really work on me. I try to stay even keel, but willing to be wild and crazy, for whatever moments come, but can you even being imagine me as the type of person who would enthusiastically deck it out for a theme party? Me neither, but thank God there are these people...

Anyways after several of Amy's guest shared some personnel testimonies and appreciations for their celebrated friend, Amy shared some thoughts on the evening. As she talked about how events like this, where she could be close to the people she loves and have their conversations and relationships be the soundtrack to her life and faith she said something that made me take note:

"Meet people like you are going to know them the rest of your life."

These are incredible words and a difficult challenge. How exhausting it can be to actually invest in people's lives. Yet it's those relationships that we do invest in that are the most meaningful and memorable...isn't it?

Casual friendships just may not be friendships after all.

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