Coming Soon

So I have this woodpecker story that some people (i.e. The Deuce) love for me to tell. However some people (i.e. my parents) don't necessarily care for it (they think it paints them in a poor light).
However everyone has been asking me if I am going to post it here on the ol' blog.
Well it won't be tonight...er...this morning... I'm tired and and going to bed.
But please be aware that when I have told the story my brother or my parents either add to or reject elements of the story.
What I promise will be the story as I remember it, and hopefully they can comment for you their details or objections.

While I'm at it, I should probably someday share with everyone these stories as well:
- the Vienna Sausage Sandwich
- The Drowning (my grandma's favorite)
- the real How I Broke My Arm Story
- The Love Letter
- "Trevor's Got Girl Problems" (I should really share this one via video since the voice of one character is essential, so if someone wants to film this please let me know.)

I'll leave it up to you.... After the woodpecker tale, which story should be told next?
There is five above...rate which I should share next.


Alli Hibb said...

I would like to hear about the drowning.

Taylor said...

ooh sounds interesting!
for the next one,
-I've heard the vienna sausage one,
-the video might be cool
-how bout the real how you broke your arm story!

racheld said...

I think the video...you tell a live story really well. Although, I think I heard it, so my real vote is for the drowning - your Grandma should know what is up!