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So I'm somehow linked up with a publishing company that occasionally will send me books under the condition that I post a review here on this blog.
However not ever book tickles my fancy nor am I a quick enough reader to finish the books in time. But in order to keep these powers that be happy and to keep them sending me free books I asked my mother to step up to the challenge.
So ladies and gentlemen please enjoy this book review by my mom, Cheryl.
“Fatal Deduction” by Gayle Roper
Reviewed by Cheryl Harrison
Having just finished Gayle Roper’s book “Fatal Deduction” all I can say is bring her on…I look forward to reading anything written by Ms. Roper.
The book touches on everything a devoted fiction reader wants and looks for in a good read; a love interest, a common bond, suspense, humor and a promise that things will improve.
I found the story line capturing from the first page, with Libby’s struggles to be a good mom, a devout believer in following the will of God and still trying to honor her family, as dysfunctional as it is.
I love reading Christian novels, they leave me with warm fuzzies, but sometimes I am left feeling so totally inadequate at times. I am not able to spout off scripture or recall verses at a moments notice, in ways it is depicted in some books. That is the most appreciative thing I noticed in the book “Fatal Deduction.” Libby simply repeated over and over “Trust in the Lord with all your heart,” and she knew her fears were not warranted and God would protect her, and yet she still had niggles of doubt, like the rest of us do on occasion. She wasn’t pretentious about her faith, she just knew in her heart that God’s way was the right way, and that she needed to rely on Him to propel her forward. She didn’t nor could she throw scripture into the faces of her family and enemies, she simply tried to accept them, even though she judged them and recognized that in herself, trying to be better about that flaw in her character. How many of us, including me do the same thing? Almost all of us I’m sure.
I loved the role of Madge in Libby’s life, good neighbor, mentor and Godly Christian woman, wife and mother. She was placed in Libby’s young life at a crucial point, when she needed encouraging without meddling, acceptance with guilt, and good Christian loving without judgment. How we all wish we had a Madge in our lives, yet it is encouraging to know we could be a Madge to others simply by “walking the walk” knowing someone could be watching and wanting to know more of how they too could walk the same path. It is simply a way of offering hope to someone in need.
It was refreshing to read of Libby’s role as a mother to her daughter Chloe. She loved Chloe from the beginning, not looking at her as a mistake, nor comparing her to the man who fathered her. And she worked hard to bring her daughter up in a loving environment and succeeded without giving in, nor giving up. She led by example, without trying to be Chloe’s best friend, but by being her mother only to be her daughter’s friend, anyway, by Chloe’s choice. They were sweet, normal, and argumentative at times, yet devoted to one another.
And finally Drew, just as it was quoted in the first pages of the book…”For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord,” Jeremiah 29:11. Drew, was placed in Libby’s path, not looking for a friend, or future mate, but by simply being one when Libby needed him the most. Such a sweet ending to a tumultuous time.
I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good, clean suspense, love story, both non-believers and those who know the way. Perhaps non believers will learn to call upon the Lord and believe He has the best plan, and knows the right path to follow. And those who do know the truth will not feel inadequate, because they use flare prayers, like Libby, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart,” that will guide their steps even though they cannot always quote a scripture for every situation.
Way to go Gayle Roper, keep ‘em coming.
FYI - I have another free copy to give away if you would like it.
First to call dibs...it's yours.

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