Why I Love Sports

This is a great story. After 5'2'' Sara Tucholsky hit her very first home run every she forgot to step on first bases. As she made the quick turn back towards the bag her right knee blew out. She crawled through the pain back to first. However for her homerun to count, she had to complete the trip around the bases without her teammates help.
Only one solution could be found, and that was by the first baseman of the opposing team. Members of the visiting team lifted up Sara Tucholsky and carried her around the bases, pausing at each to let Sara make the appropriate touch.
FYI - Sara's team won! It was the losing team (who were knocked out of the tournament, ending their season) that showed her amazing honor.


Julie Hibbard said...

Let's see them do that in a football game! Never!
Angels/Orioles tonight with a whole group from work! Fun...

racheld said...

I think dance professionals would do this!