The Deuce asked me to blog about some utensils he recently had the pleasure of using. I told him to post about it on his blog, but apparently he's a girly-man and "can't find the time"-blah-blah-blah. Seriously man it takes just a few minutes out of your day.

But I'll post it for him anyways....

I hate getting dirty silverware at a restaurant, but I can't stand not having holy-sanitized-silverware. Thankfully the good people some eatery in Austin not only properly washed these utensils but then put them in this handy-dandy baggy thingy. I'm especially thankful for this because I do not like my silverware being exposed to the elements.

But then they go a little further and on these handy-dandy baggy thingy-s they printed three prayers. Because worse than un-sanitized silverware is forks and knives that God personally has not been invited to bless. I like to think that what these prayers are for, blessings for holy-sanitized silverware. Because whoever would possibly take the time to appreciate these prayers probably will already ask a blessing over their dinner.

But going one more mile still...there is three prayers on these handy-dandy baggy thingy-s . One for Protestants, one for Catholics and one Jewish prayer. Again I'm just assuming, but I believe this to be because you never know which group's silverware the Great I Am will be personally be watching over.


Julie Hibbard said...

That Catholic prayer is the EXACT prayer my family said EVERY NIGHT of our entire life. I actually never really even knew the words for years we just rattled rattled rattled.
Of course, as we got older we would hold hands and bob our hands up and down and say it loud and add "Alleluha!!" at the end. Kinda funny. OK, maybe you had to be there.
Even my kids know this prayer and the ritualistic hand movements.
We just never knew we were blessing the silverware at the same time.
Allison will be SO glad to know that!

racheld said...

Is this from Chuys? I have never noticed the prayers on it; if it is? I am so unspiritual :)!

Chris Morton said...

This is undoubtedly your deepes post ever.