Ladies & Gentlemen...Introducing...

Taylor Winder!
I want to recommend my friend Taylor's blog to all of you. Taylor is in the community group I attend on Thursday nights. Actually she's more than just in it...she's a large part of why we function at all.
For the past couple of weeks Taylor and her family have been in China receiving their new family member. They have adopted a beautiful girl named Teddie (short for Theodora, although I have no clue how to spell it correctly).
Please, please, please... comment on her blog and encourage her to keep up the great posting even after she returns from China.
Taylor is one of those rare people, who doesn't say alot, vocalizing just enough, but when she speaks people should listen up. I joked last Thursday that the Facebook message she sent, along with a prayer request, was more than Taylor had ever spoken in group, and that it might be good for her to attend via Facebook every week.
And it's been especially fun reading about her Chinesse adventure.


i'm beccy. said...

thanks for the link!

Taylor said...

Thank you, Trevor. I am truly honored. I hope you enjoy my new blog. :)