I had somewhat an off week when it came to listening to sermons.  But here are a few you may want to check out.  I think it was Rick Warren who called today’s sermons, yesteryears commentaries (something like that).  I totally agree.


Sermons I Listened To This Week

  • First off at church Steve Dye preach on How’s My Neighbor: Orphans and Widows
  • On Monday I listened to Mark Scott, Dean of Academics at Ozark Christian College.  His sermon was entitled Love the Church More Honestly (Rev. 2-3) from a series called Living in the Real World.
  • Then I listened to an archived sermon by Damien Spikereit, preaching professor at Ozark Christian College.  His sermon was entitled Kiss One Another, from a series entitled Life Together where they were going through all the One Another passages in Scripture. 
  • Wednesday (I think) I listened to Chip Ingram preach at Southeast Christian College as a guest speaker.  Jim wrote a book titled Good to Great in God’s Eyes, and that also the title of his message.  This was an interesting message.  A little self-help-ish, but was worth the listen.
  • Today I listened to Jon Weece, senior minister at Southland Christian Church in Lexington, KY.  He preached an amazing sermon from their series called BREATHE.  BREATHE is an acronym, each letter representing an action that are immensely beneficial in daily life change.  The E stood for Examine Myself with a Fearless Honesty.  Jon is an amazing preacher.  I’ve met him at Ozark briefly and he is legit.  He reads a letter from an eleven year old girl in this sermon that is heart breaking - - yet beautiful.  Listen and be challenged.
  • I listened to a second Jon Weece message as well today from the BREATHE series entitled Amend My Relationships



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