NFL Picks...Week 14

I just walked in from church and need to through up my picks before I turn on the TV.
I promise (in case I finally have a good week of predictions) that I am being completely fair in my process to which I am accountable only to myself and which nobody else cares about. So I don't know why I'm defending myself to myself.

Carolina at Jacksonville = Jacksonville (cause Carolina sucks)
Tampa Bay at Houston = Tampa Bay (less affected by the loss of the starting QB)
Oakland at Green Bay = Green Bay (The land of the cheese)
Dallas at Detroit = Detroit (because I hate Dallas)
St. Louis at Cincinnati = St. Louis (a third string QB, but I'll pick them anyways)
Miami at Buffalo = Miami (winners of thier first game)
San Deigo at Tennessee = San Deigo (V. Young can't create a win every week)
New York Giants at Philadelphia = New York (McNabb sucks and will be pulled too late because of Andy Reid's pride)
Minnesota at San Fransico = Minnesota (it breaks my heart that my Niners suck so much)
Arizona at Seattle = Arizona (finally becoming the team they should be)
Kansas City at Denver = Denver (by a field goal?)
Pittsburgh at New England = New England (their streak forces me to pick them, but if there was ever a week for them to fall...)
Cleveland at New York Jets = Cleveland (just because)
Indianapolis at Baltimore = Baltimore (playing for pride after last week's meltdown)
New Orleans at Atlanta = New Orleans (a horrible Monday Night game)

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