Two Weekend Thoughts...

I had breakfast/lunch with my family today. We ate at this "hole-in-wall" place called Grumpy's. While I had the ham and cheese omlet someone else got the above chicken fried steak. This steak was literally 12 inches square. It was huge. The fork in the photo was to give perspective, but then I remembered forks can come in different sizes. About a 1/4 of it was eaten the rest was taken home in three, count them 3, to-go boxes.

I loved The Order of the Pheonix! It may be my second favorite. I'm still think The Prisoner of Azkaban was brillant, although not my favorite book. While the plot moved quickly and liberties were taken that differed from the book, the overall film was great. While the "first kiss" was highly anticipated, I think the Luna Lovegood character was spot on casting and wonderfully created and acted, possibly my favorite part of the movie. I also can't wait to see more of Bellatrix in the next movies as well.
The above photo is a die hard Potter fan. I went on Friday night, several days after the opening and I'm assuming this person was seeing the movie for the multi-time. At first I thought it was hilarious, with his Gryffindor flag and wand down his right sock, but then I was impressed. He could have easily bailed, but he hung in there through the whole movie.

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