Bush Successful?

William Kristol of The Washington Post offers a piece on why Bush will be remember as a successful president.

He offers 3 examples as to why:
1. Economy - When Bush took over the economic future was uncertain between the dot-com downfalls and 9/11, however the national economy has been strong and it's building, unemployment has been low and the stock market is rebuilding. Bush's tax cuts, although highly criticized are proving themselves justified. Plus the Medicare initiatives have seen successful integration.
2. Terrorism - There has been no second attack on America (outside Iraq). This shouldn't be taken lightly. This is something that was assumed would be a continual reality after 9/11. And foreign policy is generally the same. While some national relationships have slipped others have found strength and all in all there is nothing that is too threatening.

But, what about...
3. Iraq - The Bush legacy hangs in the balance of Iraq. Kristol suggest that between the troop surge and Gen. Petraeus, the war has a 50-50 chance.

A few of other points that Kristol briefly highlights are: Bush's (successful) Supreme Court appointees, while the were highly contested, generally people agree that both Roberts and Alito are highly qualified. Also if Bush's second term can be followed (vindicated) by a elected Republican president in the coming election. The current Democratic candidates are not all that impressive and may chop their own heads off in the primaries. And Kristol believes that Bush's failed private Social Security and immigration policies will see success in similar agendas soon enough.

These are some interesting thoughts and I do believe that Bush's ultimate success or failure will be hard to judge until enough time has passed. How long will that be? And do you agree with Kristol?

Read the article and tell me what you think.

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