Journaling: Wednesday July 5th - July 11th

Wednesday July 5th, 2006 – Tuesday July 11th, 2006

Scriptures to Read:
(read in each version and highlight or circle particular phrases you like; see Trevor for an explanation)
Day 1: James 1:1-4
Day 2: James 1:5-8
Day 3: James 1:9-11
Day 4: James 1:12
Day 5: James 1:13-15
Day 6: James 1:16-18

Thoughts to Journal:
Day 1: James refers to himself in a unique way, why do you think he does that? And how do you relate?
Day 2: James speaks of presenting your requests before God with confidence. How well do you do this?
Day 3: James writes some thoughts on the humble heart. Journal your thoughts about why a Christian is to be humble.
Day 4: James says that blessings come from trial. Is this true and can you give an example?
Day 5: James mentions the struggle with temptations. Journal some of your struggles and how do you think God is involved in your life during these times?
Day 6: James finds his strength in God, the Father of lights; write a prayer telling God who he is to you.

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