Journaling: Wednesday July 12th - July 18th

Wednesday July 12th, 2006 – Tuesday July 18th, 2006

Scriptures to Read:
(read in each version and highlight or circle particular phrases you like)
Day 1: James 1:19-21
Day 2: James 1:22-24
Day 3: James 1:25
Day 4: James 1:26-27
Day 5: James 1:25 New Living Translation only
Day 6: James 1:25 The Message only

Thoughts to Journal:
Day 1: James speaks of the dangers of anger in one’s life. How does anger present itself in your life? What is James “cure” for the angered soul?
Day 2: Think of an example from the world of music, TV, movies etc. that reminds you of this person in today’s verses.
Day 3: Journal your thoughts on today’s verse.
Day 4: What does James call true religion? What gets confused with religion today?
Day 5: You’ve been reading from 5 different versions of the Bible? Which is your favorite and why?
Day 6: Write a prayer outlining three reasons for why you are thankful that you know Trevor.

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