Ditch Digging

I've spent the past couple of days digging a ditch.
My friend's home is having some issues and we are digging a ditch around the back side of the house, down the side of the house and then through the yard to the street.  Once the foundation has been coated with a sealant and a drain put in, things should be dramatically improved.
And my friend has a public service job so he wasn't able to be apart of the fun yesterday, so I got things started.  Today he inspected my work and we came to the conclusion that we still needed to dig down deeper.  I came to the conclusion with him, but only after spending a half hour trying to present a thousand options as to why the ditch was deep enough.
Several blisters later, we are still not quite finished.
I'm all for manual labor; there is something incredibly fulfilling about blistered hands and dirty clothes at the end of hard day's work.  However, as I was digging the ditch, I was trying to come up with the spiritual benefits or analogies that derive from this labor.
And I got nothing!
Not one thing.
I'm constantly looking God throughout my day; as a personal habit and as a byproduct of my career.
But I found nothing.
Ditch digging just sucks.

I did sweat a ton though.  Two days of excuses for skipping the gym.

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