Book: The Fault In Our Stars by John Green

I discovered John Green a couple years back. Back then, the author had just released his third young adult novel entitled Paper Towns.  I heard about it from a hyperlink of a hyperlink of a website I once heard about from a website I regular read.  

I found Paper Towns in local bookstore and I purchased it.
Began it.
Devoured it.
Thoroughly enjoyed it.
Finished it. 
Told everyone I knew about it.
And then returned to the bookstore to purchase Green's two previous books Looking for Alaska and An Abundance of Katherines.  
John Green's books share the stories of teenagers who arrive at life altering events.  Events that most adults can relate to, and events that many teenagers are anticipating.  And then in some of the most honest writing about teenagers I've ever read, the characters journey through their events.  The stories are filled with emotion and humor that create some of the extremely enjoyable reading I've ever had.  
In his latest release, The Fault In Our Stars, John introduces us to a group of teens who are dying.  They are dying, like we are all dying, but their deaths have a side effect of cancer.  It's a story of cancer, and death after life, and questions of life after death and love.  It's an honest story mixed with a sense of hopefulness and hopelessness.  It's brutally honest, and yet, it's beautifully honest.  
I would suggest you go pick up this book today.  I assume it'll cost more once it starts winning all the awards.

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