2011 MLB Pre-Season Picks

I wrote these picks down earlier in the week.  As always, pre-season picks are complete guess work.  Most likely I'll make some mid-season predictions as well, because these most likely will be shot by then.
Saying that, here are my MLB Pre-Season picks:

American League
East - Boston Red Sox
Central - Chicago White Sox
West - Texas Rangers
Wild Card - New York Yankees

National League
East - Atlanta Braves
Central - Cincinnati Reds
West - San Francisco Giants
Wild Card - Philadelphia Phillies

Boston Red Sox defeat Chicago White Sox
Texas Rangers defeat New York Yankees (again)

Atlanta Braves defeat Cincinnati Reds
San Francisco Giants defeat Philadelphia Phillies

PLAYOFFS - League Championships
Atlanta Braves defeat San Francisco Giants
Boston Red Sox defeat Texas Rangers

Atlanta Braves defeat Boston Red Sox

What about you?  What are you predictions?


PETE Di LALLO said...

I like your picks...
we know for sure it ain't gonna be the Dodgers going anywhere even tho Broxton has saved all their games so far and their manager is undefeated...
OK...so as long as the Red Sox, Phillies and Yankees don't go anywhere it would be cool for the Braves go all the way...

TS Harrison said...

Pete -
I certainly hope my picks are wrong and we'll see a Astros/Rangers World Series.

PETE Di LALLO said...

An Astros/Rangers World Series would be like a Freeway Series wouldn't it?
I don't know Texas geography that well..