NFL 2010 Picks: Week 1

It's that time again!  Time for you to endure my weekly blog posts of bad NFL picks.  (I hope no one uses my picks as research for your Vegas bets - if you're using my picks for gambling research, please get help!, you have a problem).
Minnesota @ New Orleans = Saints
Cleveland @ Tampa Bay = Buccaneers
Miami @ Buffalo = Dolphins
Cincinnati @ New England = Patriots
Indianapolis @ Houston = Colts
Denver @ Jacksonville = Broncos
Atlanta @ Pittsburgh = Falcons
Oakland @ Tennessee = Titans
Carolina @ New York Giants = Giants
Detroit @ Chicago = Chicago
Arizona @ St Louis = Rams
Green Bay @ Philadelphia = Packers
San Francisco @ Seattle = 49ers
Dallas @ Washington = Cowboys
Baltimore @ New York Jets = Jets
San Diego @ Kansas City = Chargers

1 comment:

PETE Di LALLO said...

I'm not a big football fan but have to say I was surprised K.C. beat the Chargers...since we don't have a local team we've semi-adopted San Diego...
do you ever print a recap of your previous week's picks?