Stepping Up to the Challenge

Last week I took several high school students from my church to a Christ In Youth (CIY) conference in Cleveland TN. It was a fantastic week. We laughed. We danced. We cried...or at least I did, what can I say, I'm a crier.
I love life change. I especially love when that life change is spurred by an encounter with Jesus. And even more so when that life change occurs in students. I think my students had that moment. And it's amazing, because if you were to ask my on the last night of the conference I would have said that hadn't really, and that the week was more about the fun and games. But these kids have come back and after a few days they haven't crashed from their conference high...yet?...and are busy making plans to complete challenges and raise money for an organization called Active Water.
For instance, one student was challenged to organize a carnival in a 'under privileged neighbor'. He's formulating plans with others in the group.
Another two accepted a challenge to help some younger children learn to read. Tomorrow they
 already start volunteering at the local library.
One was asked to lead a weekly Bible study with his family. And I'm so proud to have read the following on Facebook this evening.

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