NFL Week 13 Picks

I couldn't remember who one of my picks for today, but when I went too look it up here I realize that my picks never posted. Still not sure why Blogger is not posted the post I send in via e-mail. But nevertheless here are my picks for Week 13 of the NFL.

New York @ Buffalo = Jets
Philadelphia @ Atlanta = Eagles
Tampa Bay @ Carolina = Panthers
St. Louis @ Chicago = Bears
Detroit @ Cincinnati = Bengals
Tennessee @ Indianapolis = Colts
Houston @ Jacksonville = Jaguars
Denver @ Kansas City = Broncos
New England @ Miami = Patriots
Oakland @ Pittsburgh = Steelers
New Orleans @ Washington = Saints
San Diego @ Cleveland = Chargers
Dallas @ New York = Cowboys
San Francisco @ Seattle = 49ers
Minnesota @ Arizona = Vikings
Baltimore @ Green Bay = Packers

By the way here is something I've learned about my ability to pick NFL games. If I go with the obvious projected winner (or my gut) I pick right about 3 out of every 4 times.

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