2009 NFL - Week 1 Picks

Are you ready for some football?!  I am.

I’ll be posting my weekly picks here on the old blog. 

Feel free to share you picks. 


Titans @ Steelers = Steelers

Cowboys @ Buccaneers = Cowboys

Chiefs @ Ravens = Ravens

Vikings @ Browns = Vikings

Jets @ Texans = Texans

Broncos @ Bengals = Bengals

Jaguars @ Colts = Colts

Lions @ Saints = Saints

Dolphins @ Falcons = Dolphins

Eagles @ Panthers = Eagles

Redskins @ Giants = Giants

49ers @ Cardinals = Cardinals

Rams @ Seahawks = Seahawks

Bears @ Packers = Packers

Bill @ Patriots = Patriots

Chargers @ Raiders = Chargers

1 comment:

PETE Di LALLO said...

I lost interest in Football long ago when my daughters were young...
I'd be watching Monday Night Football by myself when they'd come in to the family room and cried and begged to watch Little House on the Prairie...we would watch all together for a while, then I discovered they all had left the room...by then I was into Little House happily watching it alone...those were the days...

when the Rams and Raiders left it didn't help me to regain my football watching...
I've since liked the Chargers but they always come up short...
I do love Hockey and Baseball tho...