Singing at Concerts

Do you sing at concerts?

I do.  I have. 

My cable station has this cool channel that just plays recorded live shows.  That’s it.  Seriously how sweet of a channel is that?

I’ve been watching a lot of show and you will generally see the crowd standing while the musicians play, even on slow songs.  And when the camera move in for a close up on someone or a small group someone will generally be singing along.

And it crosses all genres of music and all styles of bands.  Bruce Springsteen, The Fray, John Legend, Jay-Z, Adele.  Someone in a crowd listening to an artist or band will be singing along to their music.


But I’ve been thinking for some time now about how I don’t like that.

(I do like it when it’s obvious the person singing along doesn’t know the words though…that makes me laugh.)

I didn’t shell out the good money I worked hard for to hear myself sing.  Or the person next to me.

And if I wanted to sing along I could just buy their CD and sing along to that.

Rather I spent my money to hear him or her or them sing live.


Also I’m not sure why we stand up at concerts.  Usually people are standing just to stand.  They’re not dancing.  They’re not trying to see over the person in front of them, because if they were how would you explain the person in the front standing.  And why do we sway our arms from left to right.  I think I can honestly say I’ve never done that.

I do get it that sometimes a song delivers so much energy that standing up and dancing and jumping is required.  I’m thinking here of a U2 concert.  Or maybe a really poignant or holy moment of a worship set (I suppose that might be the same as a U2 concert, eh?)


From now on I just want to sit and listen and chill and enjoy the music.

And I don’t care what you do necessarily, just as long as I hear more of the artist than you, nor block my view.


(I just realized I sound like an old man).


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