Movie: Julie & Julia

I went and saw Julie & Julia on my day off this Friday. An purely delightful film full of charm, wit and acting.
At one moment during the film I reminded myself that it was Meryl Streep on the screen and not the actual Julia Child. Stanley Tucci portrayed her husband in the film and he certainly held his own in the film, not only the actor but the character up against such a unique personality as Julia Child. But it's Amy Adams who makes me smile whenever she is on the screen. It doesn't matter if she is a fairy princess, a pregnant woman, a cleaning woman, a purse sales woman, or even a nun. I think she may be one of my favorite actresses right now; certainly in the conversation. I even like her Julia Roberts pixie fairy haircut.
I love the relationship connections that were in the film and how unexpected they seemed to be. Whether it was Julia Child and her husband. Julie and hers. Julia's sister and the man she falls for. And even Julie and Julia. It's amazing what can be found in other people when you're willing to open yourself up to them.
I will admit the film was just a little long, but the preformances of the actors made it easy to sit still and watch.

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