Interviewed and Interviewing

I’m prepping for an interview that I have with a church in a couple of weeks.
Rehearsing answers to common questions.
Creating answers in my head that communicate clarity and conciseness.
I expect they ask me about
…my past job experience.
…my successes and failures.
…my philosophy of ministry.
…my education.
…my work ethic.
…my ability to work with and for others.
…my leadership.
…my hobbies and interest.

However, just as important as answering interview questions is asking interview questions.

This is a little harder for me. I hate job interview a church. It feels like I’m saying, “Tell me why I should bless you with me.”
Now I understand that the process of interviewing can give the Holy Spirit some resources by which I (and the church) can make a wise decision.
So saying that here is a short list of questions I would ask:
- Why is currently a vacany?
- Share with me the history of this church?
- What is the current mission and direction of this church?
- What is the current vision for this church’s future?
- Can you describe the current health of the church?
- What is this jobs responsibilities?
- What are your expectations for the hired canidate and how to you evaluate that?

So. If you were interviewing a ministry canidate what questions would you ask him?
And if you were being interviewed by a church what questions would you ask them?

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Steven Dye said...

I would ask...What do you expect to be different in 5 years? What do you expect to be the same 5 years from now?