Sermons I've Recently Heard

Here are the sermons I listened to over the past couple of weeks. 

Obviously I am a fan of my former Bible college professor Mark Moore, who recently served as an interim pastor. 

Who are you a fan of and what preachers do you listen to?


Series – Behind the 8 Ball (Southland Christian Church)

Jon Weece – The Transformed You

Jon Weece – The Redeemed You

Dan Hamel – The Victorious You


Series - The Name (Christ Church of Oronogo)

Damien Spikereit – Jesus (Savior)

Mark Moore – Immanuel (God With Us)

Mark Moore – Christ (Anointed King)


Mark Moore – A New Thing


Series – Soul Food (Christ Church of Oronogo)

Mark Moore - Prayer

Damien Spikereit – Simplicity

Adam Scott – Communion/Community

Mark Moore – Self Study


Series – Vantage Point (Christ Church of Oronogo)

Mark Christian – Thomas

Chad Monahan – Mary Magdalene

Shane Wood – John

Jayson French – Peter

Chad Ragsdale & Mark Moore – God & Satan


Series – ABC’s of Financial Freedom (Christ Church of Oronogo)

Mark Moore – Attitude

Mark Moore – Bondage

Damien Spikereit – Choosing the Centrality of the Tithe

Mark Moore – Decisions

Mark Moore – Encouragement


Series – Imagine (Christ Church of Oronogo)

Mark Moore – Imagine if no one was hungry

Mark Moore – Imagine if no one was sick

Mark Christian – Imagine if no one was naked

Mark Moore – Imagine if no one was a stranger

Scott Ensminger – Imagine if no one was lost


Series – I Can Do That (Journey Fellowship)

Steve Dye – He Gave Himself

Mario Gallegos – Jesus Pushed Pause

Randy Larson – Jesus Embraced Doubt

Steve Dye – Jesus Pushed Stop



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