Youth In The News: Early Deaths?

Many teens believe they'll die young


This is an interesting study.  Up to 15% of students believe that they will die at a  young age (by the age of 35).  This information challenges the notion that teenagers engage in dangerous or risky behavior because they think they are invulnerable.  Rather it suggest that teenagers might actually see life as fragile and fleeting.


This is further evidence of teenagers needing a message of hope and purpose and passion for their lives now. 


Life may be short, but we have hope in an everlasting life to come.

Life may be short, but we have a mission from God to pursue with vigor and passion.

Life may be short, but we can entertain the notion of joy nevertheless.


Because life is fleeting we need not fear death it is coming anyways.

Because life is like a vapor why waste it with worry, rather let’s embrace trust.

Because life is passing we must pursue the Commission now.


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