Three's Company for this Chuck

So recently I moved into a home with my sister Chelsy. Her husband, Mickey, has been deployed to Iraq for 12 months. Since she didn't want to stay in El Paso, where they have recently been station before his deployment, moving here to San Antonio and us sharing a home together just made sense. Also, for the summer my other sister Cayla is staying here with us before returning to Mary Hardin Baylor in Belton, TX where she will finish her senior year of college.
So it's only obvious that I would hear several snickering remarks about how I'm living a Three's Company kinda life. Of course I'm not partial to this because, and only recently did I figure this out, that Jack was passing himself off as gay in order to share the apartment with the two ladies. I am not trying to pass myself off as gay, nor, for the record, am I of that persuasion. Plus I don't trip over couches, and I could never work as a chef at a restaurant.

I say all that because this past Sunday while chit chatting with a former student home from her first year of college I mentioned this recent life change and she referred to me as Chuck Bartkowski. Now this made me laugh. Although I don't work at the Buy More, nor am I handy with computers, I do have daydreams of secret missions.
Plus if I was living a Chuck Bartkowski life...well...allow me to introduce you to my girlfriend. (She's the one on the left.) Okay, so I'm not actually dating anyone at the moment, but life Chuck I'm clumsily pursuing my options.
Plus I could have a cool theme song and a wrist watch walkie talkie.

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