Teens Need Mentoring

Teenagers need help!

They need the positive influence of adults in their lives.

Not only do they need adults who say to them “follow me as I follow Christ”, but in this crazy world filled with so many poor substitutes we need adults who can help teenagers navigate the murky waters of all areas of life.  Including pop culture.

And let’s be honest friends.  Teenagers are failing in this area.  And there are adults in this world who are only encouraging their poor decisions.

Two examples.

1.        Lady Gaga.  – I usually try…try…to find the pop culture relevance of the fashion of the day, but having listened to several of Lady Gaga’s songs over the past few months, I just can’t see it.  Her songs sound like anything else I’d hear in a club (not that I go clubbing much…ever…but that’s where her style of music seems to fit).  The lyrics to her song are just dumb (for example).  And her pant-less style seems more like a substance-less stunt than any real fashion.   And yet she’s a major pop culture figure right now, why?

2.       Twilight – Recently it ruled the MTV Movie awards, and this week it dominated the Teen Choice Award nominations.  Now I can’t say much beyond the first book and movie, but I did read and see the first.  And it was dumb.  Sappy, predictable, formulated and without any real creativity.  It’s just not a good or original story. 

I implore you to get involved in the life of a teenager and help direct them to good entertainment. 


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