What Movies Make A Man?

Esquire.com has a list of 75 movies every man should see.  And because “I’m a man…baby”, this is another list I must achieve.  The funny thing is I’ve read through the list several times now and there is actually only 74 movies on the list.  That makes me laugh. 

My question is how many of these movies does one have to have seen in order to obtain his manly merit badge?  I’m going to say 65%.  Which out of 75 movies is 48.75; out of 74 movies is 48.10 movies.  So let’s say 45, but in order to be a man amoung men, I think having seen all would be a prerequisite.

(If I was lonely and bored I might actually make a Man Scout uniform, similar to a Boy Scout one, but only manly-er.  But alas I have a life.  Sure it involves watching a lot of movies, but nevertheless, it doesn’t have room for a Man Scout uniform.)

I honestly haven’t counted how many of these movies I have seen, but has I review them one more time I will highlight in red which I have seen.  Then I’ll add them up and see if it’s greater than 65%.

1.       In the Heat of the Night

2.       Slap Shot

3.       Iron Man

4.       Jaws

5.       Save the Tiger

6.       12 Angry Men

7.       Fast Times at Ridgemont High

8.       Chinatown

9.       The Godfather

10.   Fitzcarraldo

11.   Ghostbusters

12.   Glory

13.   Wall Street

14.   Runaway Train

15.   Rosemary’s Baby

16.   North by Northwest

17.   Lone Star

18.   The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

19.   The Conversation

20.   The Thin Blue Line

21.   Johnny Dangerously

22.   The French Connection

23.   Miller’s Crossing

24.   The Great Escape

25.   Dawn of the Dead

26.   Shaun of the Dead

27.   Hate

28.   First Blood

29.   Bottle Rocket

30.   Bad Day at Black Rock

31.   Tootsie

32.   Broadcast News

33.   The Terminator

34.   Shakes the Clown

35.   Dirty Harry

36.   Straw Dogs

37.   Raging Bull

38.   Citizen Kane

39.   The Shining

40.   Fatal Attraction

41.   The Incredibles

42.   Blade Runner

43.   Sling Blade

44.   Giant

45.   Glengarry Glen Ross

46.   Serpico

47.   Down by Law

48.   The Searchers

49.   Do the Right Thing

50.   Gone Baby Gone

51.   The Big Kahuna

52.   M*A*S*H

53.   The Verdict

54.   The Warriors

55.   Alien

56.   Stalag 17

57.   Bridge on the River Kwai

58.   The Misfits

59.   Reservoir Dogs

60.   The Maltese Falcon

61.   Dr. No

62.   Cool Hand Luke

63.   The Road Warrior

64.   Patton

65.   True Romance

66.   Run Silent, Run Deep

67.   All Quiet on the Western Front

68.   Platoon

69.   Caddyshack

70.   Hud

71.   Blazing Saddles

72.   Three Kings

73.   Paths of Glory

74.   On the Waterfront

75.   _____________?

Uh oh.  I haven’t counted yet, but I think my man creditials are in trouble.  Counting now….


Only 34.  That’s about 45%, but not nearly close enough to make a claim on that merit badge.  But only 15 away from achieving the dream.  This gives me even more excuses to visit Blockbuster. 


How about you?  Have you seen a good portion of these films?


What movie would you add to this list?  Here is a short list I would have every man consider, in addition to the list above (who am I to argue with Esquire magazine?):

-          Fight Club

-          American History X

-          Field of Dreams

-          Rudy

-          To Kill a Mockingbird

-          Dead Poets Society


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