Movie: I Love You, Man

I watched I Love You, Man tonight. Pretty funny moment. I saw it with some ladies and throughout the whole movie all I could think was that that I just might be that dude.
The premise is that Paul Rudd's character is engaged and his fiance and her lady friends are worried about how he has no guy friends. Also Paul can't seem to decide who his best man should be.
I started counting how many guy friends I hang with on a regular basis and, honestly, I was a little worried that that number might be on the low end.
Then I started to get worried because of all my dude friends I not sure who I would ever consider my best man. Of all the men I hangout with I don't know if any are best man material.
Does this mean I have to start going on more man dates?
If things resort to that I definitely want to stick to the man date rules. No dinners with these dudes. If I was a drinker I'd met them for a happy hour after work beverage, but I don't really drink.
This could be harder than I thought.
Please don't try and set me up on any man dates either. That just seems like it could be incredibly awkward.
Also I wish I knew Lou Ferrigno. Wouldn't that be awesome!