I Read Vanity Fair (but only for the pictures)

Sometimes I'll puruse through a Vanity Fair issue.
I suppose occasionaly there might be an article or interview that catches my attention. But I really like the photography that is in it. Not to be careful, sometimes they have some pictures that would definitely be innappropriate, but for the a large part there is some really interesting work done by some very talent photographers.

I say all that to share the photos below. I think it's in the current issue that photographer Mark Seliger gathered numerous young Hollywood talent together and recreated some scenes from the movie/play West Side Story.
I remember I had to watch the movie several years in a row during my middle school days. It was standard in every music class offered, of which we required to take at least once a year.
I think they are great and thought you should see them. Here are a few but you should go see all of them by CLICKing HERE

That's Jennifer Lopez portraying Anita and Camilla Belle (from 10,000 B.C., who I remember thinking throughout the movie had gorgeous eyes and really white teeth for a cave woman).

Notice all the talent that was involved in these photos. Surprisingly, and especially for how young many of them still are, several of them were able to put aside ego and able to be involved in this project even as a "lesser role".

Here is who is in the above photo. Camilla Belle, Ben Barnes (Prince Caspian), J.Lo., Rodrigo Santoro (Behind the Sun), Chris Evans (Fantastic Four), Ashley Tisdale (HSM), Minka Kelly (Friday Night Lights), Jay Hernandez (lots of stuff), Natalie Martinez (Death Race), Brandon Jackson (Tropic Thunder), Melonie Diaz (A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints), Sean Faris (Never Back Down), Shane Lynch (an up and comer), Robert Patterson (Twilight), Cam Gigandet (Twilight), Trilby Glover (88 Minutes), Brittany Snow (Hairspray), Drake Bell (Drake & Josh)

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