Teenager to be Proud of...

I love reading stories about teenagers who do extraordinary things.  Here is one I read today that I really enjoy and am convicted by.  McKay Hatch started a No Cussing club in his junior high school and has since gone on to challenge numerous others to participate in his campaign to clean up our language. 

You can visit his website HERE and read more about him.

Sure when McKay starts making songs and videos to promoting his cause I cringe, because it’s typically not up to my usually musical standards.  But how could we not be proud of this young man?

And I can hear it already.  That talk that Christians always seem to have when it comes to the issue of curse words.  I cannot tell you how many late night dorm room theology sessions were held on our right to use any words we so choose.  College students are idiots, and I was chief in these respects.  

Cussing may seem like a small trivial thing.  But I want to believe that if I’m faithful with the little He just might (just maybe), trust me with more.

Thanks McKay.

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