You Asked For It: Part 3

You can Click HERE to review all the questions you asked me. This is my second attempt to answer some of you inquiries. And as always if one answer leads to additional questions/follow up questions please feel free to ask.

7.  Do you remember the names of the people you meet?
No.  I'll try to remember names, but it typically takes some sort of experience with a person to remember their name.  
Even with people who I have known my whole life I have to work through my mental Rolodex to recall their name.  It goes something like this: "A"...no.  "B"...no.  "C"...no. "D"...um...that seems familiar..."D-a"...Danielle...no..."D-e"...Denise...no...Dolores...I don't know anyone named Dolores..."E"... And so on.
Just meeting a stranger and having the expectation of remembering their name, well, I crack under the pressure.  I can generally remember someone's name for a night, but a week later I'll have to ask that person's name all over again.  And it's honestly not because I don't care (or maybe on a deep subconscious level I don't) but I need something more than a casual introduction to carve our the precious memory space from my limited capacity.  

34.  What was your favorite band when you were a freshman?
I wouldn't call myself a huge music fan.  I know what I like and I like what I know.  So when it comes to exploring other stuff I don't give it very long.  However I am always willing to give things a second chance, or even third chances.  But I don't try and pretend to be that guy who is into all the indie bands and is "hip" with the music scene.  I'm not also that guy who pours over CD booklets memorizing ever word or tries to describe every sound.  
So saying all that.  Let's see.  When I was a freshman in high school I believe my favorite musical artist was Wes King.  It started with his song I Believe, which for a young guy, helped begin shaping my foundational beliefs about my Christian faith.  As I grew to learn his other music I began to appreciate his storytelling abilities, his incredible guitar work and the theological care in his songs.  Okay, that's what I later figured I liked about his music, but as a freshman I just liked it.  To this day I've never met another Wes King fan.
But I also would say that Rich Mullins has been a continual favorite of mine since his Winds of Heaven...Stuff of Earth album.  It was just around the time this album was being released that Rich came out to our church in South Dakota and shared a new song called Awesome God.  So I think I would have to include him in this mix.
If you are asking me who my favorite band was when I was a freshman in college I would have to say Caedmon's Call.  Their lyrics.  Their harmonies.  From the first time I heard their song Lead of Love to the haunting Center Aisle I was dedicated to this group.  It was also during my freshman year of college that Rich Mullins and Mitch McVicker were in their fatal car wreck.  I had this hole in my CD collection that would be filled with the rhythms and rhymes of other singer/songwriter types of Andrew Peterson and Bebo Normon.  I first heard these two at my first Caedmon's Call concert.

53.  Favorite recipe/dinner?
This is kind of a tough one.  When it comes to recipes I don't do a whole lot of cooking.  I've can make things in bulk, but just for myself I don't cook a lot.  But I'm proud of my salsa.  Recently I made some killer cupcakes.  And I pour an incredible bowl of cereal.  Beyond that I would have to follow directions very closely.  
When answering which is my favorite dinner, I might answer the Whiskey River BBQ Chicken Wrap at Red Robin, because I do like that.  But I don't know for certain.  On my birthday I always have hamburgers and chocolate cake.  Or my dad grills a mean steak, corn on the cob and asparagus.  
Okay now I'm hungry.

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