Allergy Shots

Today I began a series of injections that, I'm told, should dramatically improve my health. Not only will improve my reactions to these San Antonio allergens, but it will improve the stress these allergies put on my asthma.
My family will always share with people about how scared I am of shots. My parents will tell you that I would throw fits when receiving my immunizations.
I, of course, would say that they are exaggerating. But even if I wasn't, what the big deal. I would think my parents would be encouraged that I would never become a crackhead.
I will confess though that whenever I do roll up my sleeve, preparing myself for the needle's impending prick, my heart rate does pick up and my palms do begin to sweat.
This was true today as well.
One shot into the back of my right arm. A second followed into the back of my left arm.
After each shot I make the same response to myself: "That was it?"
One down. Five to seven years to go.


Julie Hibbard said...

I'm proud of you. And I sure hope it makes you feel better.
PS I miss baseball

racheld said...

Only 5-7 years left....that will just fly by!